What is Global Code?

We're a charitable startup, based in the UK


Every year, we take the world's best programmers, engineers and educators to universities in West Africa and beyond.

We work with dynamic, insightful students in public universities. Read Emerald's story here


We teach professional, practical software enginering skills.

We find great students that are already learning to code and boost their knowledge with a rich, focussed programme of labs, group work and driven self-learning.


Our students learn by example: we use git for all our project work, we discuss diversity and open-source software, we show the fun and beauty in our craft.

We get our hands dirty. We solve problems with code.

Our Story

Global Code began in 2017 in Koforidua, Ghana. Eighteen students and one instructor navigated (and built!) a curriculum based on practical, real-world technology that software engineers use every day: linux, python, git, and platforms like heroku.

Our goal was to equip our students with the skills they'd need to be great engineers: to teach them the craft.

That first year was a great success, and we committed to grow and to do more. You can read more about #GC17 here - or read on to learn what we're doing two years later, and how you can help.

Global Code Now

Our program has matured, but the foundations are strong.

Each student receives a Raspberry Pi 3B as a gift. We use it to teach Linux, Python, and a whole bunch of industry standard tech.

Global Code students receive the best instruction in the world. We have one teacher for every ten students, and a rich variety of materials to support every learning style.

Our volunteers build a curriculum which is appropriate for the class, so each student leaves with a strong baseline of knowledge and experience.

Help Us

In 2019 we'll be running our Summer program in Ghana again, and we need your help! If you're a developer and can come to West Africa with us, get in touch!

For the first time in 2019 we've invited some of our alumni to come and teach in class! If you'd like to contribute towards a stipend, you can donate through JustGiving


You can read all about our adventures in our blog


You can donate cash safely and securely through JustGiving