Guest Post: Miriam Darteh

Roses are red, lilies are white, and so is Global Code perfectly fit for summer.

When we talk about summer, the beaches, the movies, your bed and so many relaxing moments come in mind but with my experience here at global code, Global Code should be made a prerequisite for any one who wants to learn IT.

I heard about this camp via an IT WhatsApp thread and I applied, I hadn’t seen a raspberry pi before and I was very intrigued that I was going to see and own one.

The Camp was for three weeks and everyday was enlightening, I was getting a deeper understanding to things I was introduced to in school. Our Tutor, Ben was just amazing and magical, topics that needed to take a whole semester to teach, he took us through in the most simplest precise way. Even though it was a fast track learning process, I was able to understand every single bit.

The very first thing I learnt was that my body had a lot electrons so in order not to damage the pi I had to neutralize the electrons ( I don’t know if that’s the term I’m an arts student not a science geek, lol! ) by placing my fingers on a metal surface.

Ben helped me set up my raspberry pi and we connected it to the computer, we used a Linux OS which was my first. We learnt a lot about Linux and its terminal, I think my favorite command line syntax is sudo, Sudo makes you the King with all the rights and it’s just fun.

We were made to create Git accounts, I had a Git account already but I hadn’t done a lot of things with it. At the end of Global Code I learnt so much about how helpful Git is. I learnt how to fork, clone and send pull requests, my favorite was to commit from my terminal. I think Git makes the world of programming an easy place.

We learnt a lot about Python, Html, CSS, APIs , GPIOs , IoTs among others which if I decide to write about you would have to drink couple cups of coffee to stay awake and read.

I had three amazing moments:

The first was when I made a desktop weather app with a Weather API and Tkinter, it was superb.

My second amazing moment was with the MQTT affectionately called the mosquito, we were able to communicate on one terminal on our various computers using the mosquito.

My third amazing moment was when we used the raspberry pi and the board with the led lights to create amazing things.

The final aspect of the camp was the Project. We had to be in a group of three and come up with a project. My group made a task management app with an inbuilt forum to help the next global coders keep track of their progress and ask any questions they wanted to ask on the same platform. So even when the camp ends they still would have a bite of the camp with them to take home.

One thing that Ben said during the camp that is staying with me is that programming is not all about coding but communicating and relating with others are as key as the codes themselves.

Global code is a candle in the dark and I hope it would be lit up in every city in my country.